Follow Our Simple Process to Become A Private Money Investor

Earn an outstanding return on capital without directly managing real estate assets. Our straight-forward, time-proven, capital fund opportunities leverage the financial dynamics of real estate to generate consistent returns.

Hundreds of accredited investors have already used our investment strategies to diversify their investment portfolios.

Decades of experience in real estate investing has fueled the development of our capital fund investing platform. We’ve seen every aspect of asset acquisition, property management, hard money investing, and long term asset financing of single family homes, multi-family properties, commercial buildings, and other types of real estate.

We’ve applied our experience in real estate to the development of a complete spectrum of investment options for passive investors seeking higher growth returns and steady income streams.

Review Information and Ask Questions

Anyone that wants to become a private money investor must do their research. Potential investors in our ILS Capital funds receive a Private Placement Memorandum and other documents that explain the details about each investment.

Hard Money Investing

Accredited Investor Status

ILS Capital Funds are available to Accredited Investors only. An accredited investor is someone who meets a set of requirements established by the U.S Securities and Exchange Commission under Rule 501.



Become A Private Money Investor
We keep it simple. First, you decide which investment option might best meet your goals. Then, complete your due diligence and put your money to work.

Once You've Decided to Become A Private Money Investor

Investments are placed into our ILS Capital Funds, typically by way of bank wire transfer.  The wired funds are then held in escrow until they’re applied to the purchase of Real Estate-backed Notes that will be held in the Funds or the Real Estate assets acquired by our Equity Funds.

Notes purchased for inclusion in the ILS Capital Funds are originated by our subsidiaries that finance the fix & flips and buy and hold acquisitions of active real estate investors.

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