Invest in Established Real Estate Notes


A Low Risk Passive Income Investment with a Relatively Higher Return

The ILS Note Sales program allows accredited investors to take a 90% ownership position in an up-and-running real estate note without taking on any risk of default or obligation to service the note themselves.  For individual investors, LLCs, partnerships, trusts, and IRAs seeking low risk passive income, this investment strategy can deliver a healthy return on investment over a given period of time.  Investors seeking a passive investment solution with relatively low risk and a higher return will enjoy the simplicity of the ILS Note Sales program.

The Real Estate Notes for sale offered through this program are originated by our Investor Loan Source team. Our highly-trained and experienced lending experts carefully evaluate all aspects of each real estate deal.  Our loans are all backed by quality real estate and are generally written at 75% of the value of the real estate asset or less. Once a loan is funded, we then service it in-house, managing payments, collections, and any necessary escrows.

We’re so confident in the quality of the real estate notes we sell, we promise to buy them back with interest to the day if the note ever goes into default. 

Options For All Types of Investors


Each note sale is different.  Note values range from $25K to $6.5MM with a variety of timeframes and payment schedules.  Interest rates start at 7%.

An investor obtains a 90% ownership stake in a note by investing 90% of the Note Value plus a one-time fee of $200. When selling real estate notes, ILS Capital retains a 10% ownership stake to maintain some “skin in the game” with the quality Real Estate Notes we’ve underwritten.

From that point forward, monthly payments made on the Note are split between ILS Capital and the Note Sale investor according to the agreed-upon terms of the Note Sale.

For example, if we sell a note for $150,000, the investor would expect to see the following returns depending on the interest rate:

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How To Get Started

  • ILS Capital maintains an ongoing inventory of our current Real Estate Notes for sale.
  • Once you sign a confidentiality agreement, one of our investment advisors will help you select a Real Estate Note that matches your investment goals.
  • You will then need to provide a letter of accreditation and some other required information, sign your paperwork, and wire funds.

That’s it! It’s that easy. We handle the rest including document prep, recording, and the ongoing servicing of your note. You can sit back, relax, and watch the monthly payments roll in.

Unmatched Services. Unmatched Excellence.

ILS Note Sales

Invest in Established Real Estate Notes

Modern office park with green lawn, trees and bench

Note Value: $25K - $6.5MM

Interest Rate: Starting at 7%

Minimum Investment Amount: 90% of Note Value

commercial building

Ownership Stake: 90% of Note Value

Service Fee: $200 (one time)

Distributions: Monthly

Aerial View Of Industrial Commerce Office Buildings.

Investment Timeframe: Depends on individual Note purchased

If you’re looking for a low risk passive income investment with a relatively higher return, you should consider the ILS Note Sale program.

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