Income Real Estate Investment Fund Backed By Real Estate Notes With Current Income

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ILC Capital Income Fund

Our Income Real Estate Investment Fund invests accredited investor capital in notes on stabilized, rent-producing single family and commercial properties.  Generally considered more conservative real estate, these properties do not have a construction component and have the added security of a current income stream.

Real estate rental property portfolios have been a successful wealth building strategy for many people for many years. The owners of rental properties not only enjoy a consistent perpetual stream of income in the form of rents, but also the potential for asset appreciation gained upon the ultimate sale of their properties.

ILS Capital , through our Investor Loan Source lending operations, has been providing financing to the owners of income-producing properties for many years.  We have provided loans for purchasing single family rentals, multi-family homes, apartment buildings, office buildings, and other types of real estate properties that collect rent from tenants.  These “stabilized property” loans are generally considered lower risk and more conservative and are therefore typically issued at a lower percentage rate than other riskier loan types (construction).


Every loan we consider is carefully analyzed and sized-up and every borrower and property we approve have both passed an extensive and comprehensive vetting process. Because of this, our lending track record has resulted in default and foreclosure levels far below industry standards.

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For accredited investors seeking a steady income stream from passive income investments, the ILS Income Fund presents an innovative way to benefit from income-producing real estate property ownership. This real estate investment fund enables investors to contribute a minimum of $50,000 to secure a partnership stake in a capital fund that actively invests in the notes granted by Investor Loan Source.


Money can be locked up for a minimum of 12 months (with 90 day notice) and partnership distributions are made monthly.  The target return for this fund is 7%+

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The ILS Income Fund has no baseline management fees.  We’ve structured all of our passive income investments around real estate investments that we've seen perform in many economic markets.  The fund does have a Performance Bonus component that is only paid as a minor percentage of profits.  The fees are structured in this way as a promise to our investors that we’ll only make money after they make money.

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ILS Income Fund

Income Real Estate Investment Fund Backed by Properties with Current Income

Minimum Investment Amount: $50,000

Management Fee: None

Performance Bonus: 20%

Distributions: Monthly option to either take distribution or roll into additional units, thus increasing annual yield through compounding

Minimum Lock-Up Period: 12 months (principal withdrawal available on a monthly basis after 1 year subscription with a 90 day notice)

Target: 7%+

Net return to investors last 3 months: 9.204%

Net return to investors last 6 months: 9.192%

Net return to investors last 12 months: 9.309%

(As of August 31, 2023)

The ILS Income Fund invests accredited investor capital in notes made by Investor Loan Source on stabilized, income-producing single family and commercial properties.

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