Equity Real Estate Investment Fund


Private Equity Fund for Investment in Stabilized Commercial Properties

The ILS Capital Equity Real Estate Investment Fund invests capital from Accredited Investors in individual Stabilized Commercial Real Estate properties.  These individual property ownership opportunities (private market investments) are made available to investors that are interested in growth or aggressive growth returns over a 3-5 year period.

ILS Capital was founded by Real Estate investors. Over the years we’ve built a comprehensive suite of financial solutions and proprietary techniques that help us and our clients capitalize on the enormous potential of smart Real Estate Investments.  We continually monitor real estate asset markets to identify opportunities for acquiring properties with outstanding financial upside.  These are the investments we make with our own money and we offer participation in these very same purchases to our accredited investor clients through this equity real estate investment fund.

Investors in the ILS Equity Fund offerings can expect their capital to be applied to the purchase of stabilized commercial real estate properties including office buildings and retail shopping centers.  These properties are first identified through a proprietary process involving continuous monitoring of various real estate asset markets.  Candidate properties are then thoroughly evaluated and vetted to assure a very high certainty of financial performance. If they meet our high standards, they are then made available to our investor clients.

Rest assured, these are not typical office buildings and retail shopping centers.  These properties are carefully evaluated against current market trends and their potential for superior financial performance.  For example, private market investments made through the ILS Equity Fund may include:

A Walmart Shadow-Anchored, Multi-Tenant Retail Center

  • 42,000 Square Feet
  • 100% occupancy, majority with Personal Guarantees
  • 38% Leased to Medical Tenants
  • Other Tenants are a mix of Internet-Resistant service providers including a gym, dance studio and nail salon
  • 3% Cap Rate
  • Estimated annualized 5-year target Rate of Return: 18+%

Recently Refreshed Retail Shopping Center in Fast-Growing Market

  • 110,000 Square Feet with 5 additional outlets (approximately 23 total acres)
  • 100% occupancy
  • Corporate expansion plans bringing over 500 new jobs to the area
  • Recent $1,000,000+ remodel/refresh
  • Unique mix of internet-resistant and service based tenants.
  • 3% Cap Rate
  • Estimated annualized 5-year target Rate of Return: 15-20%

Unmatched Services. Unmatched Excellence.

ILS Equity Fund

Private Equity Real Estate Investment Fund that invests in Stabilized Commercial Properties

commercial building

Minimum Investment Amount: $50,000

Management Fee: Varies and specific for each deal. See PPM for details.

Aerial View Of Industrial Commerce Office Buildings.

Distributions: Quarterly

Minimum Lock-Up Period: Varies/deal-specific. See PPM for details.

Modern office park with green lawn, trees and bench

Target Rate of Return: 16-20%

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