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Leadership Team

Our mission is to provide our investors with sound investment advice, drawing on the strength of our experience and knowledge while keeping abreast of the latest financial sector developments.


Tom Berry

Raised amidst the Appalachian landscape, Tom harbored a lifelong ambition to carve out a successful career in business. For him, the business realm served as the key to breaking free from the pervasive generational poverty surrounding him. As the son of a coal miner, Tom diverged from the traditional college path, opting instead to ascend the corporate ladder through roles in sales and management. It wasn't long before he recognized his innate talent for turnaround management, strategically revitalizing unprofitable companies, stores, or departments. 

Having accumulated a robust resume through various challenging roles, Tom leaped into entrepreneurship, establishing his financial services firm. Armed with 18 state and federal licenses covering life and health insurance, property and casualty insurance, mortgages, and securities sales, Tom, alongside his wife, dedicated themselves to aiding families in crafting efficient financial and investment strategies to achieve their goals. 

In 2006, Tom and his wife seized an exciting opportunity, relocating their family and business from the rural confines of Ohio to the bustling market of Houston, TX. Despite the initial promise, no one anticipated the financial crisis that would hit their business the following year, resulting in the loss of everything they had diligently worked for. Undeterred, Tom pivoted into a new venture as a real estate professional. Starting from scratch, he amassed an impressive portfolio of over 400 rental units and engaged in numerous transactions involving houses and commercial properties. 

The year 2014 marked a significant milestone as Tom joined forces with Donald Sutton to co-found Investor Loan Source (ILS). Since then, ILS has successfully closed over 2,100 loans, exceeding $1 billion in loan volume. In 2018, Tom and Donald launched The ILS Funds, a strategic move to expand loan volume and enable passive investors to pool their resources in private lending systems. Currently overseeing over $118 million in investor capital, The ILS Funds have consistently delivered substantial returns since their inception. 

Tom, alongside his wife Melissa, with two decades of companionship, continues to call Texas home, surrounded by their four adult children and eleven grandchildren, some actively contributing to the family business. In his leisure time, Tom, an avid hunter, creates lasting memories with his family on his exotic game ranch in central Texas. Fueling his passion for sharing wealth-building knowledge, he ardently believes in teaching others the art of real estate to set the stage for the next generation's success. As the former host of the acclaimed radio show, "The Real Estate Rush Hour," Tom remains committed to traversing the country, addressing various conventions and mastermind groups, all while fulfilling his duties as the CEO of the ILS group of companies. 


Donald Sutton

Donald's professional journey commenced immediately after graduating Magna Cum Laude from Stephen F. Austin University, where he earned a degree in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science. A defense contractor swiftly recruited him, leading to five years dedicated to satellite and missile science for various undisclosed U.S. government agencies. Notable achievements include groundbreaking contributions to the NORAD defense system's "war games" missile technology and the development of a satellite system crucial for locating and monitoring troop movements during Operation Desert Storm. 

Transitioning to the private sector, Donald became a seasoned software engineer, collaborating with renowned companies like Oracle, E-Systems Raytheon, Lockheed Martin, and EMC Greenplum. Over the subsequent 26 years, he directed design teams in creating system software for both private-sector enterprises and government agencies. During this period, Donald returned to his hometown area, where he met his wife, Fredia, with whom he has shared over two decades of marriage. Proud parents of four children, their eldest is actively involved in the family business. 

While deeply entrenched in the corporate world, Donald strategically diversified his portfolio, venturing into investments in rental homes, mobile home parks, and apartments as an alternative to the stock market. Over time, he discovered that passive investing as a private lender better suited his busy work and travel schedule, accumulating over two decades of experience in private lending. 

In 2014, Donald and Tom Berry forged a partnership, giving rise to Investor Loan Source (ILS), a platform offering private capital for fix and flip, buy and hold, and commercial property investments. 

In 2018, Donald and Tom introduced ILS Capital Funds, providing an avenue for passive investors to engage in the flourishing private lending systems they had established, aiming to expand their lending volume. 

Donald's aptitude for the technical aspects of real estate investing, coupled with his highly analytical mind, has spurred numerous business innovations, fostering the remarkable growth of ILS Legacy Holdings over the years. 

Beyond his professional pursuits, Donald finds fulfillment in serving as a project leader and mentor for local 4-H and FFA chapters. His mission centers around helping others build their wealth and achieve the highest returns with minimal risk. According to Donald, the true essence of success lies in sharing it with others. 

Management Team

Our vision is to be our client's most valuable asset by creating a wealth management firm that provides relevant solutions with the goal of the client's financial well-being.


Jeff Terrell
Investor Relations Manager


Alexandra Davis
Executive Assistant/Investment Specialist

What People Say About Us

As an investor in alternative investments,
I look for sponsors with solid reputations and excellent and proven business models. After doing my due diligence, I felt extremely comfortable with ILS and its offerings. I invested a significant amount of capital around two years ago and am highly pleased with the returns, communication, and professionalism the ILS team offers. I look forward to a long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationship with ILS.

-Dr. Tim R

My wife and I are so pleased to be able to invest with ILS Capital. We were fortunate to meet and share a meal with Tom at several Freedom Founders events. His real estate background and the fund's flexibility gave us the confidence to trust him with our investment, and we have never regretted it. Consistent returns above target each year since investing, timely communication, and excellent responses. We highly recommend them to anyone interested in passive real estate investing.

-Randy and Jody T

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